Our story

Preetesh was traveling from Ahmedabad to Kutch for his first solo trip and started looking for a bike rental. He picked up one from a local vendor. This was 2014. He started his trip with low fuel and instructions to reach the nearest petrol pump. It came to a screeching halt half a kilometer away due to lack of fuel. As kids helped him to push the bike to the petrol pump, the problem statement presented itself; bike rental is a highly unorganized sector with little standardization but high demand due to the traveling population in India. Over the next 8 years, he traveled across India renting bikes in about 15 states. Every time he was able to validate the problem statement but while renting a bike in Leh, his journey towards finding a solution began. The vendor asked him to support him on social channels because marketing and distribution were a challenge for him. As a technology sales professional for a decade, he saw an opportunity to solve this problem and help more people travel. 

Anushka’s love affair with the bikes began early as she started as a racer at 16. While she did not continue with racing, she finished her graduation in pure mathematics before working for an NGO. All this while she has been an active motorcyclist and is associated with several biking communities, Bikerni being the closest to her heart. During her time in the NGO, she visited multiple states in India, mostly the rural and semi-urban areas. For the first time, she was experiencing true India, full of beauty but lack of opportunities. This fuelled a wanderlust and an urgency to work towards a solution which culminated in her completing post-graduation in international travel and tourism from the UK.  

As serendipity would have it, she ended up connecting with Preetesh and they started building a brand to create an experiential journey for travelers across India. 

Together we started to aggregate bike rentals across India to provide ease, convenience, and availability to bike enthusiasts who want to travel across destinations while also providing suggestions and assistance to ensure they have a memorable journey. 

Along the way, LeMiRide has received great reception and feedback from their vendors on how to improve the local ecosystems to ensure that we are adding value rather than just being another company. 

We are bringing together avid travelers, product builders, and business leaders who are eager for meaningful change. Our purpose is to inspire a sense of wanderlust among the aspirational Indians so that they explore the rich culture, heritage, and landscapes of this diverse country by encouraging responsible and regenerative tourism. 

Core Team


Chief Experience Officer - (Founder)

Preetesh Rane

Technology Sales provided him bread and butter as he travelled across India in Pursuit of wander.


Chief Growth Architect - (Co-Founder)

Anushka Karmakar

Racer, Mathematician, Traveller. She wears many hats, each one fits perfectly!


Chief Operating Officer

Sravan Kumar

A decade of experience in Operations, Support and Supply Management.